About IMI

About us

IMI IS ONE OF THE WORLD’s premier technical assistance provider

IMI is a multinational technical assistance company committed to offering initiative to provide our clients with a unique global and integrated response to the world class oil and gas firms and main construction companies.

Our Goal

Here at IMI, we believe that our experience brings great value to our clients. Not only do we go beyond the expected but we always try to raise our performance and quality standards to meet the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.
Our goal, to be the best global provider of skilled workforce on Industrial work sites throughout the world, takes a deep-rooted commitment to being the best we can be in every area of the workplace and in the day to day lives of all our workforce. The very best companies realise that focusing on people brings real benefits, not the least of which is improved financial performance.

Our clients benefit from our commitment to the quality demanded of these complex projects. In simple words, we are dedicated to providing you the best technical solution.

Our values

For more than 40 years, IMI’s mission has been to increase value to its clients businesses by successfully completing a wide range of projects worldwide.

01. Determination

We are determined to advance, not just to compete, building our traditional presence by offering the widest possible range of services to the construction sector.

02. Focus

We focus on our core competencies, which include a professional workforce and the best organization and sourcing facilities.

03. Commitment

Our technicians are our greatest strength. We are committed to the professional and personal development of each individual employee.

04. Teamwork

We foster teamwork and create an environment that is conducive to producing excellence in all disciplines.

05. Results

We achieve outstanding results and commit to quality and excellence.
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